TheOZReading Club

More than just a musical

Oz is a, frankly, bat-shit insane world of wonder and weirdness, explored in detail by the writer L. Frank Baum in a 14 book series. It’s colourful, beautiful, and odd. Don’t miss it.

Get the illustrations

All of Studio Tendra's illustrations, including those used for the covers in the Oz series, are available as prints for an affordable price. For more information contact Jenný, the illustrator, at

Ozma of Oz

Dorothy gets swept away again, this time it’s overboard and to the land of Ev.

With some new friends such as Tik-Tok and Billina the hen, they need to save this, that, or the other, from an evil watsit.

A Nome, I think. Nome King, even

All in all, interesting happenings and somewhat daring-dos, along with a return to Oz. Worth a… y’know. Whatchimacallit?

Read. Yes, that's it. Worth a read.